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Glow illuminates the wall behind your monitor, creating a seamless transition from dark environment to bright display. An extension store coupled with highly customizable open-source software allows you to take your desk into the future, and define your computing experience like never before.

Introducing Glow. Stunning visuals. Comfortable eyes. The $35 ambient backlight.
Up and running in moments. Mount. Install. Enjoy.Simply stick Glow to your monitor, plug in the USB cableand install the software. Enjoy media like never beforefin just minutes.
Responsive mode. The best way to watch movies andplay games. Using software that ties into the OS, Antumbraanalyzes colors on the display in real time, projectingthem behind your monitor as fast as they appear on screen.Content on the display blends into your peripheral vision,creating an immersive experience like no other. Surroundsound for your eyes is finally here.
Palette and Fade. Define your workspace. Tired,strained eyes make work unbearable. Glow is the antidote.Choose a color and brightness that suits your mood, orhave it fade gently over subtle, comfortable gradients.In Sunset mode, Glow slowly ramps up in brightness as thesun sets, perfectly augmenting software like f.lux andkeeping you productive well into the AM.

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Experience the Difference of Antumbra | Glow

Sleek Design.

Functional Hardware.

Measuring under 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.5", Glow is small and portable, perfect for laptop users who need to set up on the go. A single high-brightness RGB LED illuminates the entire wall behind the monitor, sipping a mere 2.2w of power, but appearing nearly as bright as a 30w incandescent bulb. Data is delivered over USB to the device, meaning that Glow is fast, reliable and compatible with every major platform. We've worked hard to make it simple - setup only takes 30 seconds, and configuration only another couple minutes at most - letting you start enjoying content like never before in just moments.


What is an "Antumbra"?
The word "Antumbra" means the region from which an occluding body appears entirely contained within the disc of a light source - like a solar eclipse.
What is Glow?
Antumbra | Glow is a small light emitting device, designed to enhance your work and entertainment experience while reducing eye strain. Simply mount it behind your monitor, point it at a wall, plug in the included micro-USB cable and start the Glow software.
Who is Glow for?
Anyone can benefit from Glow - however, people who use their computer in low light environments will enjoy it most. Games, movies, and even work are all better with Glow.
How does this affect my computing experience?
Glow can be controlled any way you like. You can manually set its color (16 million discrete values), or allow it to react dynamically to the content on your screen. We will be launching an Extension Store for Glow that will allow users to easily download extended functionality. In addition, we're an open-source project, so if there's a missing feature you want, feel free to implement it. If we like it enough, we may just add it to the official release.
How does Glow work?
Glow is connected to your computer via a Micro-USB cable. This connection provides both power and data, allowing you to manipulate your Glow from the Antumbra application.
How does this effect reduce eyestrain?
Ambient backlighting creates a seamless transition from your bright display to dark environment. In doing so the light object you're looking at (your monitor) is extended into your peripherals. For a more in-depth explanation check out this scientific study.
How does Glow connect to my monitor?
Glow mounts behind your monitor (or to almost any surface you'd like) using 3M Dual-Lock, a super strong plastic "velcro". We are also developing a clip-on stand for laptop users, but we don't expect to ship it with beta. Right now, Antumbra is best suited for users with desktop monitors (15 to 30 inches diagonal) that are placed anywhere from one to three feet from a wall. Results may vary in other configurations.
How does this help my eyes?
By illuminating the wall behind a computer monitor or TV, the contrast between the display and the rest of the room is reduced - making long sessions of both work and play more comfortable. Your eyes are meant to look at light reflecting off of objects, not the light source itself. By introducing more light into a dark room, your pupils constrict and limit the amount of light from the monitor that enters your eyes, preventing eye strain caused by staring at a (relatively small) bright source of light. In addition, more constricted pupils allow the screen to go from dark to bright quickly without causing discomfort - a common issue when watching many movies and videogames. Colors, brightness and responsive modes can all be set in software, allowing you to create the perfect experience for any task. Check out this study for more info.
Are there any system requirements?
In order to control Glow, you will need to be able to run one of the controller applications. We currently offer software for Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1, as well as Linux (command-line interface only). However, if you would like to see support for a different platform, just shoot us an email! In addition to this, your computer must have one powered USB port (USB 2.0 or better).
Is Glow customizable?
Yes. Glow is open-source software and hardware. Aside from the customizability offered by default (such as choosing colors, fades and responsive modes), developers, engineers, hackers and makers can add and implement whatever new features they want. The possibilities are endless!
What does 'beta' mean?
Glow is still in development. Although all the hardware and software is complete, fully functional and very reliable, we need to ensure that everything works absolutely perfectly for every user before we move into large-scale production. Beta allows us to test that, gather user feedback for additional features, and tackle any bugs that might arise. Beta units are offered without warranty and are not guaranteed be perfect - so we advise that users who aren't comfortable solving computer problems hold off until the official product launch. If you like being on the cutting edge and getting your hands dirty with open-source products, Beta is perfect for you.
When do you ship?
Glow ships within three days of your purchase date - buy yours now!
So you're open-source?
Completely. We're releasing all our code, all the hardware designs, and even the code for this website. Feel free to use anything for commercial purposes or otherwise, just attribute the original work to us and link to our site. We're not pursuing any patents and are excited to see what the open-source community will contribute. Hardware will be released under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Non-Commercial, and all software will be released under GPL.
What are your plans for the future?
We've had an overwhelming interest for a Glow implementation for TV's so we are looking into different solutions including streaming devices, and open-source content platforms. We also have plans to take our technology to other lighting applications including customizable, controllable, and extendable ambient lighting. If you have another idea on some cool way to use this technology shoot us an email at


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